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The stomach  is  simple  and globular;  this  corresponds  with   a
mixed diet.     The tail is long or short, or practically absent.

The   most   familiar   genus   is   undoubtedly   Macacus.      This
includes all the common so-called Macaques, the Bonnet Monkey,

FIQ. 268,—Tcheli Monkey.    Macacus tcheliensis.

(From Nature.)

the Pig-tailed Monkey, etc. In this genus we find that the
males are larger than the females, and have stronger canine teeth.
Ischial callosities are well developed. The genus is purely
Asiatic, reaching as far east as Japan, with the exception of the
Baxbary Ape, M. inuus, also known as the Gibraltar Ape. There
are altogether some seventeen species.
MOCOGUS inuus is doubtfully indigenous to Gibraltar. It is,
however, definitely established there at present, and is carefully
fostered. It is a large Ape with no external tail, in which